Cool survival games online

There is a few cool games if you don’t know what to do when you are on your computer. Most people will just go ahead and play games like I do as well. So let me tell you a few good games that you can play online for free.

  1. Growtopia

This is a fun, small game that mostly play teenagers. It’s really fun. You run around, you collect stuff, you punch stuff to get the extra items and then you build your own shelter. There is in game purchase as you can get some extra gems so you can unlock some of the items early in the game. I don’t do that, but you can. You can easily use this simple growtopia cheat generate some extra gems if you really want to get some of the items early in the game.


2. The Outbreak

This game is really special as it offers a lot for an online game. You can build big shelters, grow your community and talk and cooperate with other players in order to beat the evil. You live in a world where there are zombies and you need to fight them off. It’s kinda like that show, The Walking Dead, but here you are in the control and you play the game and the story.


3. DeadZ

If you ever played a game called H1Z1 then you will be fairly familiar with this game as it’s just like that, just you can play it online. It’s fun, it offers lots of fun and hours of actual play time. You run around, collect items, destroy some buildings, kill some zombies and just all in all try to survive as long as possible. It’s a fun game overall.


That’s it. Those 3 games are really fun. They are all different and offer something on their own so if you want, you should try to play them on your own before you judge. As we all know, you can’t judge a book by it’s covers. This also applies in the gaming worlds so make sure to try some of them to see what you like and which game suits you the best.

Why Xbox is the best console

Hey! Welcome to my first post and now I’m gonna talk about why Xbox is the actual best console to have right now.


This is not a surprise. You can buy Xbox really cheap nowadays and you can even find a few really good ones online that have been used. This is often a great thing although people are scared that some parts may be missing or that it won’t work for a long time. I think that buying a used console is awesome because in most of the cases you will get some extra games with your console so you can play some extra games and you won’t have to buy them.


Bigger community

This is a big deal for me as I often hang around some Xbox forums where we talk about how can we improve certain things, how can we mod our consoles and game pads and other stuff. There is also a section just for sharing games.

Exclusive games

This is probably the biggest factor of them all. Yes, PS4 has some really cool exclusive titles, but in the end, Xbox has more and better rated games as well as you can check on any game review sites today. This is because there is just more profit for game developers on the market. More people have Xbox consoles than any other out there and that is why it has some cool titles.



This is all in theory, but in the end of the day, it’s up to you. If you grew up with PS you will most likely stay on the PS path and won’t even try Xbox, but you should at least give it a go. You can try it out in your local gaming rooms to see just how it goes. I am sure that you won’t regret it.